You Are the Patient, Not The Customer

You Are the Patient, Not The Customer

Health care is personal responsibility. When we start visiting a doctor, it’s about us or what’s inside us. These things are what we will not tell people. As time goes on, we establish a relationship with a physician. There is a neutral zone when it has to do with physicians. What’s unfortunate is that this interaction is unilateral. You’re just a good relationship as long as someone pays the bill. Quotes for Medicare Advantage plans Florida.

Have you tried calling a specialist, making an appointment and saying you are paying cash? Very few specialists accept a cash-paying customer. Some will if you can find them. Why is that? because you are the patient, but not the customer.Many persons wrongly presume that Medicare advantage plans will make payment for any long-term care requirements in the future. Medicare advantage plans, Health insurance, and supplements can only make payment for a limited amount of specialized services and only if you are recuperating. These options for insurance do not pay for the costs of custody services that helps with daily living activities. However, most people need custody services as they get older.

While most long term care occurs when we are older, people of all ages require prolonged attention. Early onset dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, the best known form of dementia, can occur even at age 30. Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and even strokes occur at earlier ages. It is your good health today that gives you the opportunity to plan ahead.

Most financial advisors and insurance agents in general can only ask a few questions. This means that the recommendations which they can offer you are not befitting and may likely cost you a lot more than you should.As they do not deal exclusively with long term care planning, they often do not understand the products and the positive impacts they can have on their loved ones. They also tend to hold excessively. A true long-term care specialist will make appropriate recommendations and consumers will find LTC insurance very affordable and add much peace of mind when planning their future retirement.

If you have reasonably good health, these policies can easily fit most people’s budgets. The problem is that many people seek the help of a financial advisor or insurance agent who has little knowledge in this area. They often make very large or sometimes very small recommendations. In addition, many of these professionals only work with one or two insurance companies. Because they don’t have a good understanding of how policies are used at the time of claiming, their recommendations are out of what you really need. In addition, 45 states offer long-term assistance partnership policies that provide additional dollar-to-dollar asset protection.