Cross-Selling Final Expenses

Cross-Selling Final Expenses

The cost of final mailing costs will be $ 300 to $ 600 for every 1,000 pieces shipped. At this price, an agent would not take long to go bankrupt if he didn’t make sales. For years, agents have sent these contacts to low-income people in the hope of receiving a large number of potential customers to be returned. The truth is that people who receive these emails receive the same email weekly. Therefore, the response rate for such potential customers is only 1% on average.

What about Medicare supplements?

Many of those same people who receive these final expense cards also qualify for a Medicare supplement. If you are over 65, ask a question “with whom do you have health insurance”? Many people will let you know and will also love in finding out if they can get coverage for a cheaper cost. Whether the prospect has a Medicare supplement or Medicare Advantage plan doesn’t matter but the point is clicking is the best option. Schedule an appointment. You can often get an additional home sale to increase your profit margin.

How about a hospital compensation plan?

Many older people who have medical benefit plans have no idea how they will pay deductibles for those plans if they have a hospital stay. Show them a hospital compensation plan that will pay these deductibles for them.

What about dental insurance?

This is a topic that does not come up very often, but many older people are interested in some type of dental coverage.

What about cancer insurance?

When cancer strikes, people need money! Although Medicare and most Medicare supplements cover most medical bills, there will be expenses that are not considered, such as food and travel costs. Selling only one cancer plan for each week can increase the bottom line substantially.

Medicare Advantage insurance companies are also hiring a very aggressive sales force to sell their wonderful program to seniors who need protection from Medicare traditions now more than ever. With Medicare benefit plans, you have many additional benefits to take advantage of, additional coverage that you will not find in traditional Medicare. The balanced budget law of 1997 tried to pass a Medicare privatization that was a complete failure. In fact, it cost the social security system more, generated a lower class of benefits for Medicare beneficiaries, and caused corruption in the Medicare system. Medicare Part A and B is the best healthcare program in the world and should be recognized as such.