Baby Boomers Take the Digital World

Baby Boomers Take the Digital World

Older people hear a lot about “gaps” today. There is the Medicare gap (which often leads to the need for Medicare supplemental insurance coverage), the employment gap (older people who want to stay in the workplace often find it harder to do so), and there is the gap in technology, which is basically the belief that Baby Boomers can’t keep up with the technological changes adopted by Gen-Xers and Millenials. Well, Baby Boomers are proving that “Gap” is a myth.

Baby boomers and technological innovation go hand in hand, and others are finally starting to realize this. In many cases, it is simply a matter of numbers. Despite the “job gap” mentioned, a large number of Baby Boomers still run large companies around the world. In this capacity, they are dictating the course that technology follows. Other important numbers involve the almighty “$”. Baby boomers are still big consumers and in some cases they can easily afford the latest technology products that flood the market.

Of course, Boomers are also narrowing the technology gap in a purely social way should visit to get enrolled for Medicare. Check out how Baby Boomers are embracing digital media and you’ll see how fast Boomers are increasing their numbers online:

“Social networking use among Internet users 50 and older nearly doubled to 42% last year. In fact, in the United States alone there are nearly 16 million people over 55 who use Facebook.” So let them keep playing the latest “Gap” and telling the world where the Boomers are late right now. You know the truth. It’s a digital world, and we won’t be left out and let it pass us by.

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